… from portrait to self-portrait … project

In this ongoing project, started in 1996, Visual artists are confronted with their Photographic Portrait in B&W and asked to transform it into a Self-portrait through their art. This dual approach, creates a third  art work, as a Diptych for You to discover, interact and compare. (External link)

Postales de un Homo Sapiens a Covid-19

Dicen que una imagen equivale a mil palabras, con las postales del Homo Sapiens, juego al revés, mil palabras equivalen a una fotografía, en estos textos deliberadamente retiro la imagen, eres tu como lector, el que debe construir a tu antojo tu propia Ilustración.


Climat Change 22/22 蛇年

Coming up soon

A reflection of the future based on images from the present

Troubled times these last 200 years, carbon dioxide, methane, fossil energy, deforestation, infrared radiation, armed conflicts, bacteriological wars, corporations, expansion of deserts, heat waves, fires, plastics, pesticides, melting polar ice caps, religions, famines, migrations, satellites, volcanic eruptions, tropical cyclones, viral infections, but above all the passive Homo Sapiens, avid consumerist, activating the greed of shareholders, managers and politicians who would end up depleting planet Earth until the exhaustion of its generating reserves.